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A homeless man reportedly caught hand-delivering threatening letters to pop star Rihanna is under arrest. 

The New York Daily News says 53-year-old Kevin Mcglynn was arrested last Thursday for stalking and harassment after showing up at the singer's Soho apartment. 

Apparently the man had been there three times over the past month, each time handing letters to one of the singer's assistants.  Police were finally able to track him down after learning his identity from a benefits card he mistakenly dropped in the luxury building.  Mcglynn has also sent another four letters to Rihanna's home in California as well. 

The paper says Mcglynn was exhibiting bizarre behavior and claiming to have a relationship with Rihanna - as well as rappers Jay Z and Kanye West - during his Friday arraignment.  He is being held without bail, and reportedly has at least 12 other arrests on his rap sheet. 

Photo: Getty Images