Movie quotes we've gotten wrong!

You probably quote your favorite movies in conversation pretty often, but did you ever stop to think that you're getting them all wrong?

A British scientist coined the term "The Mandela Effect" to describe the phenomenon of one person getting something wrong – and, like a game of telephone, having everyone else follow along. That comes into play a lot with movie quotes most of us misuse, like:

"E.T, phone home": The creature actually said "E.T. home phone."

"Luke, I am your father": Darth's real line was "No, I am your father."

"Fly, my Pretties, fly" : The Wicked Witch of the West only said "Fly, fly, fly."

"Life is like a box of chocolates": A technicality, but Forrest Gump really revealed, "Life was like a box of chocolates."

The idea even extends to our favorite children's stories: The Big Bad Wolf never threatened to "blow the piggies' house down. He said he'd blow it in. (Daily Mirror)

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