Things your babysitter wants you to know!

According to babysitters, here’s what they want every parent to know ... if they want someone who will consistently work for them:

Always give him or her a time when you will be home – even if it’s an estimate: Babysitters have lives too. Like with any job, there should be a beginning and an end, and you should do everything you can to stay within those parameters.

Don’t text or call at inappropriate times: You might be up for a feeding at 5 in the morning, but your sitter probably isn’t! Wait and text her during normal business hours.

Be clear about what you expect: Tidying up a bit is a normal part of the job ... if it involves a mess that the sitter made with the children. Expecting a sitter to wash and fold laundry without letting them know in advance is taking advantage of them. Housekeeping services are not part of the deal!

If you have to cancel, be as timely as possible: It isn’t always easy to do, but as soon as you know you should let the sitter know – so she can book another job!

Warn the sitter if your child or children are sick: Don’t just throw the flu on an unsuspecting person. More importantly, sick kids require more work and it’s a more dangerous environment, so the pay should differ. (Good Housekeeping)


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