Are your little ones scared at Halloween? Here are tips.

If your little ones are easily spooked by scary decorations and costumes, Halloween can be tough. But you can get through it – any maybe even get them to enjoy the day – if you follow these tips …

Be aware of what the kids are watching on TV: Even some Halloween kids' shows might be too spooky for an easily scared little one, and you definitely don’t want them watching traditional horror movies or even trailers that can have some pretty scary images in them.

Do your research: Don’t just assume the hayride at the pumpkin patch is safe for all kids. Even a haunted house designated for little ones could trigger an easily scared child. Don’t bring them to a fall themed event that will scare them.

Even if they ask to dress as something scary, stick to G-rated costumes: Sometimes kids who get easily scared are fixated on dressing as something spooky. Save the zombie costume for when they are out of this phase.

Trick-or-Treat when it's light out: The scarier costumes on older kids come out later, so go out before dinner and make it an early night. (Pop Sugar)


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