Foods that RESTAURANT staff would never order!

A recent trending post on Reddit asked current and former restaurant staff to reveal the foods they never order when they go out to eat. Here’s what you might think twice about ordering next time you are in a restaurant:

Side Salads: There’s no way to tell how old the salad is, and salad is often the most contaminated item to eat because it isn’t cooked.

Special of the Day: At many restaurants the special is something the restaurant needs to get rid of because it’s about to go bad or it’s a concoction of leftovers from the week.

Chicken: When the kitchen is busy, it’s easy for this meat to get under-cooked, which can easily make you sick.

Hollandaise Sauce: It can’t last more than four hours without starting to go bad, which means it’s likely a source of bacteria.

Fish at the beginning of the week: This seafood is likely left over from the weekend ... and probably not too fresh.

Wings: The oil in the fryer gets really gross after frying a lot of wings, and it isn’t changed often. (Daily Mail)


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