Spend the night in the "A Christmas Story" house!

One of the most popular holiday movies is definitely A Christmas Story. When it comes to epic storytellers, Jean Shepherd takes the cake, and Ralphie, his brother, his friends and especially his parents create the perfect backdrop for a story that takes everyone on a trip down memory lane.

Although the movie was set in Hammond, Indiana, it was actually filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, and the house has become a museum. In 2006 it was restored to look exactly like it did in the movie, and has been operating public tours ever since.

But now, you can actually stay in the house overnight. Yep, for just under $500 a night, up to a family of six can stay in Ralphie's home. And in case you were wondering, yeah there‚Äôs a leg lamp!

As you can imagine, Christmas week is already sold out. Check out availability and pricing at achristmasstoryhouse.com. (WomansDay)


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