Do you have a birthday this time of year?

In theory, being born on or near a major holiday sounds like it would be pretty great. But anyone with a birthday on or very near a holiday knows that's not the case. The truth is, being born with a holiday birthday means you get gypped out of a special day dedicated just to you!

Here’s why being a Christmas baby (or any holiday really) is actually the worst:

  • Your birthday gets easily forgotten because everyone is focused on the holiday.       
  • Getting together with your friends is virtually impossible because everyone is celebrating the holiday with their family.      
  • You don’t even get much Facebook love because everyone is busy and not online.      
  • You don’t get double the presents. You get presents that double as a holiday and birthday gift. It’s a raw deal …    
  • You never get to have a birthday party on your actual birthday. (Buzzfeed)


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