Back to work Blues? Here are some ways to help!

WOW- I had a week off at Christmas and was NOT ready to come back to work yesterday. AND....I LOVE MY JOB!                                                                                    

If going back to work this week is a struggle for you, you are not alone. It’s been scientifically proven that the post-holiday blues are real.

Unfortunately, we have to get back to our regular routine. Here are some tips on how to get back to work this week:

Embrace the blues: Don’t fight the sad feelings, but also know that everyone is in the same boat. It’s totally normal for the first few days back to really be rough.

Spend time prioritizing your work: Everyone is swamped this week, but you aren’t going to get everything done in a day! Spend some time prioritizing your tasks so you know what to work on and when so your workload becomes more manageable and nothing becomes a crisis.

Take the time to tackle your inbox: All those emails are daunting, but don’t avoid it. Take an hour to sort through what’s important and what isn’t. Cleaning up your inbox will decrease your anxiety.

Dress comfortably: At least for the first few days back. It will help you transition.

Go out for lunch: Don’t work through lunch. Give yourself a break midday – something you can look forward to! (Career Addict)


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