How do you handle these habits in your marriage?

After looking over this list, (and being married, going on 15 years...) I'm guilty of several of these. Not going to mention any my wife may or not be guilty of! (I'm a smart guy!)

 A recent trending post on Reddit asked users: "What is something your significant other does that you tolerate because you love them?"

Here are some of the responses:

  • He never closes cabinets and drawers after opening them.
  • She hysterically laughs at memes on her phone and when asked “What’s so funny?” she says, “Nothing.”
  • She never wants her own serving of food, but as soon as I start eating mine she wants some.
  • He turns on every light in the house and never turns them off when he leaves the room.
  • He throws eggshells in the sink instead of the garbage.



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