Rude restaurant behavior!

According to people just trying to enjoy a nice meal out, these are the rudest restaurant behaviors:

  • Changing a baby’s diaper at the table: It's hard to believe, but this actually happens all the time! Sure it might not gross mom or dad out, but no one else in the restaurant wants to smell or see that mess.  
  • Couples that are arguing: Save that fight for the car ride home!   
  • Not being polite to the wait staff: Being a server is a hard job. A simple please and thank you goes a long way.   
  • Using your phone, especially taking a phone call: If you can't ignore the call or put your phone on silent, get up and take your call outside.   
  • Complaining loudly to the staff: If you have an issue, be discreet and polite when addressing your concerns. You’ll likely get a better response! (USA Today)


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