Macaulay Culkin interviews the bee swarm from "My Girl".

He's been elusive for years, but now Macaulay Culkin is back in the spotlight with the launch of his new Bunny Ears website.  It's a a satirical spoof on celebrity-run lifestyle brands.  Get ready to laugh!

The Bunny Ears website is a satirical spoof on celebrity-run lifestyle brands like Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop. It features contributions from Culkin, plus daily articles from a number of top-notch comedy writers across the country, including several former Cracked scribes. The site is divided into three sections: Proclivities, Diet & Exploration, and Upscale Culture, with its contributors serving as de facto life advisers, gurus, personal trainers, and self-help experts.  As with the Bunny Ears podcast, this isn't a project Culkin simply slapped his name on: all content is written to reflect the Pagemaster star's uniquely quirky style of humor. So why a lifestyle brand? "When I was young, I physically assaulted middle-aged home invaders and tried to throw my mom off a cliff to spite Elijah Wood," Culkin notes. "But now that I’m turning 38, I'm ready to to retire my malevolent side and bring positive change to the world through a self-indulgent vanity lifestyle website."


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