Did Kurt Cobain predict Trump presidency?

A quote allegedly from late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, which tabs then-businessman Donald Trump as future presidential material, has been making the rounds online since before the 2016 election and continues to be shared to this day. But did he really say it?

Spin reported on the purported quote, in which Cobain is supposed have said, "In the end I believe my generation will surprise everyone. We already know that both political parties are playing both sides from the middle and we’ll elect a true outsider when we fully mature. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a business tycoon who can’t be bought and who does what’s right for the people. Someone like Donald Trump, as crazy as that sounds."

Spin's evidence that the quote is fabricated:

  • It sometimes appears as an image, with the text overlaid on an image of Cobain playing an acoustic guitar. However, the attribution spells his first name with a "C" instead of a "K."
  • No source has ever been cited for the remark, which Cobain is supposed to have said in 1993.
  • Snopes debunked the fake Cobain quote earlier this year by pointing out that there is no known record of the quote prior to its appearance in that 'Curt Cobain' image on a Facebook page called Trump Train on July 30th, 2016.


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