Biloxi Firefighters are part of the #Florence response.

The Biloxi Fire Department, which has helped first-responders in the aftermath of disasters across the country, already has firefighters responding to the East Coast to help with Hurricane Florence.

Biloxi firefighters Cameron Whiteside and Chuck Parker are members of the Mississippi Task Force 3, one of the state's three emergency task forces. The group, which also includes 10 firefighters and support personnel from other south Mississippi fire departments, left Tuesday around 11:30 a.m. to be positioned in Virginia, near the storm zone.

While the 12-member task force, armed with watercraft and other equipment, emphasizes swift water rescues, Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney says the Biloxi department is also planning a relief trip weeks after Florence. In fact, Boney has already contacted colleagues on the East Coast to let them know Biloxi firefighters are available.

The fire department has sent clean up teams to many disasters in the past. They focus on helping with work at the homes of other firefighters and first responders who are too busy helping their communities to take care of their own homes.

 Said Boney: "We will go. We just don't know when and where."

(Source: City of Biloxi)

Great job y'all.  Making MS proud!!!



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