Puzzled police roll video as a man gives CPR to a squirrel.

A lot of drivers have accidental run-ins with animals on the road, but few would do what one Minnesota man did.

Police officers in Brooklyn, Minnesota, were driving along a road when they came upon a stopped car and a driver sitting on the curb.

As the officers approached the man they noticed he appeared to be performing CPR on a squirrel.

The man, identified only as Chris, told officers that he ran over the squirrel, and although it didn't appear that it was struck by a tire, it was stiff and unresponsive.

Chris decided to lay the squirrel on its back and then performed chest compressions on it. Then all of a sudden, the squirrel miraculously came to life and scurried away as Chris and the officers celebrated with high fives. 

The incredible life-saving moment was captured on video. (WCCO-TV)

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