KISS is coming to New Orleans, and you want to go?!

That tongue.  Those licks.  I don't care what genre' of music you usually listen to, at some point you've been at a party when Rock-N-Roll All Night came on, and your horns were up and you were singing along.  

Kiss is Americana.  They belong to us.  A little bit naughty, always down to party, and that makeup.  O.M.G.  how many years did we long to see the faces behind the masks?  

Want to see them before they disappear into the ether of Rock N Roll legends?

Here's your chance.  

And just in case you want to join the legions of fans that put on the makeup to go to the show...I found you a tutorial.  

More chances to win between 10 and 3 tomorrow on Rock 92.5!


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