Foo Fighters are coming!

Yes, I love Nirvana music.  And Foo Fighters music.  But there's something about the wisdom of Dave Grohl,  as I've seen through interviews over the years,  that kind of draws me to him in ways I'm just not drawn to other musicians.  

I mean, here's a guy...considered one of the best drummers if not THE best drummer in the world...and he picks up a new instrument and teaches himself to play it.  Music lessons?  Not so much when you're Dave Grohl.  


This was one of my favorite videos with Grohl in it.  I play guitar and sing, and more than once I've had someone tell me NOT to sing.  And then there's Dave, encouraging us ALL to use our voice.  It's your voice.  I wanted to cry and hug him all at the same time.  

Thank you Dave!  You're right.  I'm not gonna be everyone's cup of tea, but my particular flavor of tea is unique to me alone.  I was so inspired:)  


And that's why when my friend was sharing with me today that the Foo Fighters are playing in our area in February, I had to find out when and where and OMGOMGOMG meeting Dave Grohl would be such RNR Nirvana for me--pun intended.  

Not gonna happen.  But a girl can dream.  

Details at the link:



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