Saints fans aren't the only ones in need of some consoling.

Alshon Jeffery was visibly upset after dropping a pass.  


A second-grader felt so bad for the Eagle, she sent him words of encouragement:

Last weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles were eliminated from the playoffs after a hard-fought football game with the New Orleans Saints.

It was a close game and the Eagles had a chance to come back and win, until wide receiver Alshon Jeffery dropped a pass that was intercepted by the Saints. After that dropped pass, it was game over. Alshon was devastated.

Then last week, a second-grader named Abigail Johnson wrote Alshon a letter of encouragement, telling him to not give up.

Alshon was so touched by the letter, that he showed up at Abigail’s school and visited her in class. Abigail’s family heard about the surprise visit, so they were able to be there also to pose for pictures.

So even though the season ended on a disappointing note, the outpouring of support and appreciation from both Alshon and Abigail was enough to put smiles on their faces – and give everyone hope for more success next season. (Penn Live)


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