Saints fans want a redo. Saingry fans, day 2 since the game....

Saints fans, including those in Mississippi, are still feeling the heartbreak of the team's NFC Championship loss to the Rams. Some are so upset over the loss they want a do over. An online petition started by Jackson-area teacher Terry Cassreino seeks to have the two teams face off once again and has more than a half-million digital signatures. The petition wants the Rams and Saints to meet again on January 27th, "due to refs' inability to properly officiate at the game". Although highly unlikely, there is a section of NFL rules that would allow for such a thing.

A Saints fan from Slidell--Matt Bowers-- paid to have four billboards placed around downtown Atlanta, the site for this year’s Super Bowl match-up between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots.  They say:  “Saints got robbed,” and “NFL bleaux it!” 

In case you missed Coach Payton's reaction to the call.  Here it make you angry all over again:


James Corden and Adam Lambert had some fun after the game with this one.  It's a bit heavy on Pats fanfare, but still fun to watch:



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