So excited to have the Project Coordinator for The Thunderbirds in!

"Thunder Over the Sound: The Keesler and Biloxi Air Show" will feature the Thunderbird's...Black Daggers...Hurricane Hunters...and so much more this May 4th and 5th. Sarah Loicano with KAFB brought in Lt. Col. Jude Villars--the Project Coordinator for The Thunderbirds--for a visit on "Gulf Coast Mornings with Kelly Bennett and Uncle Henry". The conversation begins at about the 8 minute mark into the video:


This time around, Keesler and Biloxi are teaming up to put this one. While there will be plenty to do and see ON base both days, you'll be able to watch The Thunderbirds from basically anywhere along the beach. We're so pleased to be given an opportunity to carry the audio for both Thunderbirds shows on NewsTalk 104.9, so you'll be able to listen to the announcer no matter where you are.


For updates on the Air Show, just follow the link.


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