Camila Cabello Honors Selena at The Rodeo, Has Us In Tears

It seems like the norm now for artist of all genres to acknowledge and pay homage to the legacy of Selena. Several artists to play at the Houston Rodeo have already payed homage one way or another to the queen of Tejano music. Camila Cabello, former Fifth Harmony member did not wanted to be left out in doing so. Cabello covered the emotional and timeless classic Dreaming of You

Although it is common for artists to do this, Cabello's cover really stands out, because like many other artists Selena was the spark that caused many Latina artists to pursue a career in entertainment. Selena inspired many, but only some can credit her as being the sole reason to become an artist. Selena's last concert 24 years ago at the Rodeo has paved the way for artists like Camila Cabello to now take the stage. Thank you Cabello for doing this so beautifully, and thank you Selena for being an example and legend.



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