Think your pet has what it takes to be in the Cadbury Bunny commercial?

No, this is not an ad for Cadbury. But seriously, this ad comes on every Easter and it makes me laugh soooooo freakin' hard.

Where do they find these adorable pets?


How do they get them to act right for the commercial?

Surely, they're all some kind of specially trained animals...born and bred to star in adorable commercials for dog food and cat food and well...whatever llama's do.



The answer isn't clear. But it IS clear they're looking to update the ad with new animals...and the winner just might turns out to be your pet.

Here's the link with all the deets:

I do not think my dog Charlie, who I happen to think is the absolute best dog in the whole world, btw...would go for the bunny ears.

But maybe your pet will:)


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