Best Man Starts Bet on When Couple Will Divorce & Reveals It In His Speech

Despite even the best-made plans, sometimes straight-up weird things happen at weddings. Take, for instance, one man who shared that he started to take bets on when his best friend and his bride would get divorce ... and told the couple about his pool during his wedding speech as the best man. Of course, the couple did not think the stunt was funny, but now he's wondering if what he did was really so bad.

As the man explained it, he thought he was doing a good thing when he created the bet.

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In a post on Reddit, the man explained that before his friend got married he started a betting pool on whether or not he and his wife would get divorced. The way that it works is that all of the participants of the bet will guess what year the couple will divorce. Whoever guesses the year correctly will take the pot, but if the couple outlasts the latest bet in the pool, they win the money. 

"So that was kind of the twist that I meant to convey to them, that yeah sure it was a real bet, but that if they stayed together they could expect 3 grand in 2041," he explained.

But his plan came off as being insensitive when he mentioned his pool during his best man speech.

Reddit thread

Apparently, the man thought his plan was a "charming" anecdote, which is why he thought to bring up divorce at the couple's wedding. "When I was explaining the bet during my best man speech that was how I was going to end, kind of with a charming/corny line that 'But we all know none of us are going to be winning the bet, because you two will be together forever, so you can look forward to cashing in in 2041!'"

But before the man could get to his "clever" line, the bride burst into tears "and the parents and bridesmaids and all that were almost yelling at me, and the groom (my best friend of decades) was furious." Not only was the couple angry that the man had started this mean-spirited bet, but they were devastated that family and friends had taken part in it.

The man says he feels bad about his actions but also feels confident that the couple will look back and laugh at this one day.

The man added that he's tried to explain that he had good intentions when he created the bet, "but my friend isn't hearing it."

"I know I went about it the wrong way but I don't feel I was the (expletive) here," he continued.

Online, people made their opinions clear: This was a very stupid thing to do.

Many people thought it was pretty cruel to bet on a friend's marriage. And many people were LIVID that the man would bring up the bet during the wedding.

One person asked him why he thought the couple would care about winning $3,000 in 2041?!

And another person agreed that this was a terrible thing to do. "YTA . That’s such an (expletive) thing to do at someone’s wedding, and the fact that so many people participated is trashy," the person wrote. "I’d be heartbroken if that happened to me, and to be honest I’d cut out any that participated in it. I wouldn’t want that kind of negativity to what’s supposed to be one of the happiest moments in your life. You should be ashamed of yourself."

But not everyone agreed. Some people thought it was a harmless joke and that the wedding couple had no sense of humor.

They argued that if they were so sure in their marriage, they wouldn't worry a bit about a stupid bet made by their family and friends.

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