What Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Name Their Baby?

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Attend A Commonwealth Day Youth Event At Canada House

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Attend A Commonwealth Day Youth Event At Canada House

Meghan Markle's due date is right around the corner, so, it's time to start making royal baby name predictions. Oddsmakers in Britain have already started taking bets on what Meghan and Prince Harry will name their little one, whittling down the top contenders for us.

Though there are no official rules about how royals must choose their children's names, it's sort of an unofficial tradition to choose a Windsor family name. This rule has become more lax in recent years, especially when you're not directly in line for the throne. Baby Sussex will be seventh in line for the throne at birth and will only continue to be bumped down the chain of command after Prince George starts his own family one day. This means that the possibilities really are endless for Meghan and Harry.

So, which monikers have the highest odds of being chosen? Let's take a look at the top five boys and girls names.

If Meghan and Harry have a girl:

1) Eleanor (odds: 12/1)

2) Isabella (odds: 6/1)

3) Mary (odds: 4/1)

4) Victoria (odds: 4/1)

5) Alice (odds: 2/1)

If Meghan and Harry have a boy:

1) Nicholas (odds: 10/1)

2) Albert (odds: 6/1)

3) Philip (odds: 6/1)

4) Arthur (odds: 3/1)

5) Alexander (odds: 2/1)

While believing professional oddsmakers (who don't even know the royal family) will get the royal baby's name right might seem far-fetched, they correctly predicted that Prince William and Kate Middleton would name their second child Charlotte. For many royal-watchers, this was a surprising choice because Princess Charlotte is the child of the heir to the throne and she was not given an ancestral family name.

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Depart The Lindo Wing With Their New Son

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Depart The Lindo Wing With Their New Son

According to Time, Charlotte had been the odds-on favorite for several days before Kate and William welcomed their second child into the world. After it was announced her name was Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, bookmakers had to hand over an estimated 1 million pounds ($1.5 million) to those who successfully put money on that name.

“It sets off alarm bells that maybe there has been information leaked from the palace, and so the public followed the money,” Nicola McGeady, a spokesperson for the bookmaker Coral, explained why Charlotte surged in popularity leading up to the birth.

We'll have to keep our eyes on the oddsmakers in the days leading up to Meghan's due date, which is reportedly at the end of April. (Another Taurus for the royal family!) Though Alexander and Alice are the odds-on favorites right now, some research suggests that an out-of-the-box choice is very much a possibility for Baby Sussex. Ancestry.co.uk reports that unexpected ancestral names from Harry's side of the family, such as Lancelot, Boniface and Marmaduke for a boy, and Ursula and Hyacinthe for a girl, could very well be in the running.

Meghan and Harry's child might have dual U.K.-U.S. citizenship, so, it's possible they could choose a name from Meghan's side of the family. Perhaps they'll honor Meghan's mother by naming the baby Doria? Only time will tell!

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