Deer Park Fire First Responders Fed By Local Food Truck

As you may know this Deer Park Fire situation has gone on for almost a week now. First responders in the area are working round the clock to make sure us civilians are safe and no longer in danger. A local food truck business by the name of Los Primos HTX took matters into their own hands to serve those who serve us. Business owner Marco P. Ramirez organized a visit to the active site of the fire in order to feed 100 plus first responders. With the help of several grocery stores and some funds from his savings he gathered enough supplies to feed a multitude of first responders. Marco himself is a Deer Park Fire Fighter volunteer, and has been serving the Deer Park/Pasadena community for some time now. He spoke to KHOU 11 and told them “I knew how dangerous it could get so if this was their last meal I’m not gonna let these guys eat cold pizza". Thank you to people and businesses like Ramirez's our first responders are well taken care of. Read more HERE



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