I had no idea some took the tinfoil hat so seriously.

Sometimes Point A leads to Point B...and the next thing you know you're in the rabbit hole!

Case in point? The following simple sentence, which is where today's journey began:

Does anyone know how to make a tin-foil hat to keep the government or aliens from penetrating your brain? Asking for a friend.

Why yes, Mr "Asking for a Friend"...you'll find detailed instructions by clicking the link above.

Some of the funniest verbiage on the site?

As a matter of safety, you should wear your AFDB at all times since you never know when or where psychotronic signals will reach you. (Users ofMindGuardare safe if they choose to be beanieless within its range but it would still be advisable to wear one; you never know when there will be a power failure.) Do not remove your AFDB before going to bed! When people are sleeping they are very vulnerable to mind control and need all the protection they can get.

Do you see how odd this got?! And did you know there is a Tin Foil Hat Society...and they have a questionnaire?!


Now, do you see how quickly and easily you can journey down the rabbit hole?


Back to reality. Have a fantastic day!



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