Kelly Clarkson Tears Up Closing Her Tour: 'I Come From Nothing'

Kelly Clarkson is feeling emotional.

The 36-year-oldAmerican Idolalum celebrated the final night of her2019 Meaning Of Life Touron Saturday night (March 30) in Greenville, South Carolina.

During her “A Minute & A Glass Of Wine” segment, Kelly opened up to the audience.

“I’m so sad,” she told the crowd. “This is our last show. Here’s to literally my favorite tour – totally gonna cry,” she started.

“People that are tuning in…my husband just totally surprised me playing a faux guitar on ‘Piece By Piece’ and I lost my mind in the tent back there. It’s totally fine. Get your crap together,” she joked.

“This has been the most amazing tour that I’ve ever been a part of, getting tot our a record I’ve wanted to make since I was a little kid. And just being so phenomenally blessed. I come from nothing,” she said before starting to cry.

“I always get like this…I cry all the time.”



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