Just a few days left until the final season of Game of Thrones...

It's hard to pick a favorite character on the show. They're all so well thought out and portrayed. Let's take a look back with one of my favorites though. The girl who tried to be no one, and couldn't quite make it happen. Total badass, that Arya.


Mother of Dragons. Breaker of Chains. I should know the rest of her very long title by now. lol

Don't mess with her, either.


And how fun is it to hate on Cersei? How DOES that ruthless woman live with herself?

And why does Lena Heady love the jester hat so dang much?!


And are ya still grossed out by the relationship with Cersei and Jamie? Or have you come to a point where you're feeling sorry for Jamie for loving her so much?


And really, there are just no small characters in GOT.


Sunday night is going to be a blast!


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