This Woman Says She Can See Jesus In The Flames of Notre Dame

This week is one of the most important weeks for Catholics and Christians as Good Friday and Easter (Resurrection) Sunday approach. The Notre Dame fires are perhaps one of the most heartbreaking things the entire world has witnessed in the past few days. Although the main structure and cathedral were not completely destroyed, it has left a lot of devout Christians to ponder upon this event. A woman has taken to social media to analyze one of the photos taken from a far. She claims she an see the figure of Jesus standing within the flames somewhat guarding the cathedral. This event can be paralleled with that of king Nebuchadnezzar which threw the men in the fires as soldiers claimed there was another in the fire standing next to them.

See the photos HERE

A picture taken on April 16, 2019 shows the altar surrounded by charred debris inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris in the aftermath of a fire that devastated the cathedral. - French investigators probing the devastating blaze at Notre-Dame


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