An easy way to protect yourself from the uptick in burglaries and thefts.

Some of the top stories we discussed on this June 5th edition of "Gulf Coast Mornings with Kelly Bennett and Uncle Henry":


Make sure you're locking the doors to your car and your home, even if you'll only be gone for a few minutes. Local police warn they see an increase in burglaries at this time of the year, and a lot of times thieves will just look for the easy target...unlocked doors. Leaving your gun in your car is also a bad idea. It's how young people are getting their hands on them.

That trough of low pressure we've been watching in the southwestern Gulf isn't expected to become a tropical depression, but it is expected to produce heavy rainfall over portions of eastern Mexico, southeastern Texas and the Lower MS Valley over the next few days.

The second try is apparently the charm for some Mississippi third-graders retaking the state's literacy test. Yesterday the state's education department revealed that around 40-percent of students who retook the literacy promotion exam had scored high enough to continue on to the fourth grade. That still leaves nearly three-thousand students who may need to repeat the third grade if their scores don't improve. This year's test was the first to include new, tougher grading standards. The Clarion Ledger reports many school districts are now holding reading boot camps to get kids ready for the final retest, which is set for July 12th. 

The Harrison County School District has received a surprise donation, which is the largest in the district’s 63-year history. The district recently learned that Mr. Darrell Saucier had passed away in April, and had chosen the Harrison County School District as a beneficiary of his savings account. The total amount of his gift is $642,884.84. “We are truly amazed and deeply grateful to be the recipient of this generous gift from Mr. Darrell Saucier. This large donation shows that Mr. Saucier loved the children of this district, and wanted to support their education. We have been blessed by Mr. Saucier’s generosity, and we cannot thank him enough for wanting to invest in our students’ future. Our hearts and prayers are with Mr. Saucier’s family.  We pledge to honor Mr. Saucier’s wishes to use his donation to benefit the children of this community.”

City leaders in Gautier are planning a recreational community behind the Singing River Mall property. Town Commons would include an empitheater, splash pad, musical fountain, basketball courts, pickleball and volleyball and more.

What age group is the most likely to ditch a social media network? If you said young people, you’d be right. A new SurveyMonkey poll found that those under the age of 18 are the most likely to quit a social network (73%). They are followed by 18-29-year-olds (69%), those 30-45 (54%), and 45- to 60-year-olds (40%). Those over the age of 60 are the least likely to delete a social media account. (28%)

How often do you worry about money? According to a new survey, 25% of Americans worry about money “all the time.” Some economists are confused about all this worry because the economy is growing and unemployment is below 4%. But, a closer look shows that big expenses like housing and student loans continue to rise, while wages haven’t jumped for many American workers in a long time -- which is leading to all the hand-wringing going on out there. (CNBC)

Here’s a reason to do some chores … New research has found that couples who have clean homes have more sex. According to the survey, couples with clean houses have 39% more sex than couples with not-so-clean homes. The survey found that couples with clean homes get it on 2.5 times per week, on average, versus 1.5 times for couples whose homes are messier. And couples who share the household chores are also have more frequent romps. The survey found that couples who divvied up the chores had 34.5% more sex than those who didn’t. (Best Life)

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