Popsicle Brings Back Double Pops All Thanks To Justin Bieber

Rainbow Two Stick Popsicles in a a Box of Ice

Rainbow Two Stick Popsicles in a a Box of Ice

Popsicle is bringing back the Double Pop and we have Justin Bieber to thank for this amazing news. Back in May, the 25-year-old pop star took to Twitter to lament the fact that Double Pops were no longer available in stores. With a little help from his manager, Scooter Braun, Justin was able to snag Popsicle's attention.

“Talking with [Scooter Braun] and we just realized we can’t find double stick popsicles!! This is crazy. [Popsicle] we need those back!” he wrote. Scooter quickly joined in, adding “Tonight [Justin] mentioned to me they don’t sell double stick popsicles anymore. I couldn’t believe it. But after searching amazon and other websites I found the game had changed. Single stick popsicles is all I found. This is an outrage!!! We need double stick back!!! HELP!”

Popsicle replied to Justin and Scooter's tweet with a reassuring message about the defunct dessert, telling them they'll "see what we can do." Two months later, it seems like Popsicle has made good on that promise.

Though Popsicle is believed to have discontinued Double Pops because they were known to be quite messy, it seems like Justin's tweet may have changed the company's mind. “A limited batch has landed – but for 100K retweets we’ll bring back the Double Pop fun for everyone. Who’s in?” Popsicle tweeted on Tuesday (July 16). As of Wednesday afternoon, the tweet received 20k retweets. Fans have until July 23 to share the tweet.

Are you excited about this Popsicle development? We know Justin Bieber must be.

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