Walk The Moon Reimagines Itself As An '80s Sci-Fi Flick

Back in May, Walk The Moon introduced their Alternate Mooniverse collection — a new merch line that sees the band reimagined as everything from a bowling league to a mysterious band that disappeared into the ether after one show. Every full moon, the band introduces a new piece of imaginative merch and this month's is an '80s sci-fi flick commemorated by a movie posted long-sleeve t-shirt. The indie rockers shared a post on Instagram in honor of the collection.

"FULL MOON AGAIN 🌕🐺🌕 which means it’s time for a new piece in the ALTERNATE MOONIVERSE collection - the line that wonders aloud - 'What if WALK THE MOON was something else???'" the post reads, alongside the Alternate Mooniverse logo and a photo of the shirt. "In 1986, space films were everywhere, as studios raced to fill the void created by Star Wars’ brilliant final conclusion. In this deluge of celestial silver screening, one movie cruised under the mainstream radar. THE LAST MOONWALKER achieved cult classic status, developing a dedicated legion of devotees. Midnight viewings would find audiences dressed as the characters, often sporting elaborate costumes and facepaint (for some reason), and shouting out their favorite lines. Enthusiasm for the film even led to interest in the trilogy’s first two films - MOONWALKER! MOONWALKER! and MOONWALKER, though neither reached the level of underground success of THE LAST MOONWALKER."

"Now’s your chance to own this piece of cult Hollywood ephemera," the post continues. "Limited time only. Select theaters and times."

Get your hands on all current Alternate Mooniverse merch here and check out Walk The Moon's post below.

Photo: Jeremy Cowart

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