Chrissy Teigen's 14-Month-Old Son Miles Takes His 'First Real Steps'

Chrissy Teigen is one proud mama.

The 33-year-old cookbook author took to social media to share some exciting news about her son Miles: he's officially taken his first steps. Chrissy, as well as her husband John Legend, have been looking forward to this moment for a while now. Back in June, John told Us Weekly “It’ll be any day now .He’s, like, flirting with it every day, but he hasn’t fully taken a step on his own.” Now, one month later, Miles is on the go.

“I think I just got his first real steps,” Chrissy captioned the sweet video. Miles can be seen taking a few shaky steps towards his mama, holding on to one of his toys.“Good job!” Chrissy proudly says from behind the camera. “You took a step! Good job. Go walk, go walk.”

Eagle-eyed viewers will spot Miles' big sister Luna in the background of the video, too. Though Luna isn't paying attention to her baby brother's very first steps, this development means the two can try new things together very soon. According to John, “Luna loves to dance." Now that Miles is walking, maybe Luna will be able to teach him a few moves.

"We play music all the time. We have like dancing time in our little dining room with the record player in here," John continued. "She loves that. I love that. It’s a lot of fun. Bonding through music is definitely big.” Miles will definitely be joining in on all the fun pretty soon.

Photo: Instagram

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