Tips to help parents keep their kids properly masked

Schools are set to start back soon and you may have concerns about your child keeping their mask on. Here are some tips from Daily Motion:

According to experts, these are some tips to help parents keep their kids properly masked:

  • Lead by example: The best way to teach kids good mask etiquette is to practice good mask etiquette. Resist complaining or skirting the rules.
  • Put a mask on their favorite stuffed animal: If Teddy can wear a mask, so can he or she.
  • Practice at home: Set realistic time expectations and practice at home. They can’t get used to it if they don’t know what to expect.
  • Let them pick out and personalize their masks: Even if it’s just adding a sticker or choosing a character-themed mask, kids will be more likely to wear one if they had a hand in picking it out. (Daily Motion)

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