Dishes cause us 217 arguments a year (so the survey says.....)

Early in our marriage, Suzi and I would disagree on rinsing the dishes prior to loading them in the dishwasher. My thought was: It's a dishwasher, what's the point of hand washing them first! Of course, she won that argument, and many years later you'll find me rinsing dishes before loading them.

Apparently, dish washing is a big argument starter in relationships. I saw an online survey that said we have 217 arguments a YEAR over dishwashing! That's crazy! And, a lot of wasted time!

What "dishwasher" topics generate the most heat?

  1. To pre-rinse or not.
  2. Who has the responsibility of washing/loading the dishes
  3. Should you let them soak? (Notice how you can soak them for a week because you're too lazy to load them? )
  4. Letting dirty dishes sit in the sink although the dishwasher is empty.

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