Adele Explains Her Viral NBA Meme: 'I Was Just Very Annoyed'

Photo: Getty Images

Adele has revealed the story behind her viral NBA meme. During a recent performance of her Las Vegas residency show Weekends with Adele, the Grammy winner opened up about the moment at a 2022 NBA game and why she looked so annoyed.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I really don’t like being famous, right?” Adele started. “So obviously, I know I’m sitting courtside at a basketball game, whatever. But Rich [Paul] was working the room and, you know, talking to other players and people. I was fine. I didn’t mind.”

She continued, "I was just there on my own, looking for Michael Jordan, to be honest with you. So, the people with the camera came over and asked me twice. They were like, ‘Do you mind if we film you? Can we put you on the screen?' I said, ‘Please don’t. I just canceled [my] Las Vegas [residency]. I really don’t wanna be [on camera].'" Adele revealed that the camera crew, "came back and they filmed me."

While telling the story, Adele also addressed rumors that she's gotten lip fillers. "I have naturally big lips…I don’t need filler,” she said. “The reason I looked like a different person was because I was sulking," referring to the viral clip. "Because I was like, ‘These motherf—ers have come back and are filming me against my will.'” She concluded, "I was just very annoyed because I asked not to be filmed. But I guess I was asking it by going.”

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