So My Husband and I Do This Podcast...

My husband Rick and I started doing a podcast a little over a year ago. I had actually purchased equipment for another project I was working on and we were testing the microphones... We started bantering back and forth and when we were done my husband turned to me and said, "I don't think we've talked to each other that much in the last month!" I agreed and then we decided to start "Married on the Mic".

In the first episode we took the Love Language test and then revealed our results to each other. It explained a LOT about our relationship... and a year later we're still trying to figure it all out.

We discuss everything from his snoring and bed-hogging to my lack of affection and laziness. We discuss some parenting issues like screen time, discipline (I'm a yeller, he's not), and co-parenting since I also have a daughter from a previous relationship. Our listeners enjoy letting us know if they're Team Rick or Team Dana when it comes to various conflicts... Like that time I made him take Metro home from the airport... Or the fact that I never ask him how his day was when he walks in the door.

We've already done 27 episodes and 28 will be coming soon. Here's my Instagram post from earlier today about what you can expect when we finally manage to get through recording it. It's been a little tense!

Get caught up on the iHeartRadio app! We were just added to the extensive podcast roster and I'm super pumped to share it with some new listeners.

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