Woman Gives Birth in Car, 10-Year-Old Son Captures It on Video

A woman in Nevada gave birth in her car the other day while her husband was driving and her 3 other children were in the back seat. Her 10-year-old son captured the whole thing on video, and it's just PG-13 enough to be able to share.

There are a whole range of emotions going on here... The kids start to cry as their mother moans in pain and tells their dad that the baby is coming. He seems to panic when he realizes she's serious and he wonders where the hospital is. Once the baby is born, mom asks her to "cry for me" and she lets out a little gurgle. Dad assures mom the baby's eyes are open and tells her to stay put while he hops out to get help. Then mom introduces the kids to their new sister.

I got choked up watching it!! Fear, panic, pain, happiness, joy, all in one short video. You have to watch it!

WARNING: NSFW because dad drops quite a few "s" bombs!

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