Ebay Buyer Finds $5 Bill In Pants Pocket, Returns It To Seller

I love stories like this!

Deanna Johnson of Pleasant Valley, New York was pleasantly surprised when she opened her mail today to discover that an eBay buyer found a $5 bill in a pair of pants she had sold and decided to send it back to her.

She posted the photo on Facebook and said, "I sold a pair of pants on eBay and got this letter in the mail from the buyer!#somepeopleareawesome"

So this really made me think... Would I have gone through the effort? I'll be honest - probably not!

This person had to find the return address on the package (that may have already been thrown in the trash), get a note card, write the note, address the envelope, put a stamp on it, and send it off in the mail. I think most of us would have been psyched to find the $5 bill, considered it a stroke of good luck, kept it, and left 5-star feedback.

What would you have done?

Deanna said, "I’m not sure I would have done it honestly. I’m very impressed."

I'm right there with you girl! Thank you for letting me share this story!

Dana McKay

Dana McKay

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