How to Measure Your Kid's Attachment to Screens

If you’re afraid screen use is out of control in your family, ask yourself the nine questions below. Rate your answers from 1 (never) to 5 (always). There is no hard and fast “if your score adds up to X, your kid is definitely addicted,” but if you’ve got a bunch of 3s, 4s and 5s, it’s probably time to make some changes.

1. It is hard for my child to stop using screen media.

2. Screen media is the only thing that seems to motivate my child.

3. Screen media is all that my child seems to think about.

4. My child’s screen media use interferes with family activities.

5. My child’s screen media use causes problems for the family.

6. My child becomes frustrated when he/she cannot use screen media.

7. The amount of time my child wants to use screen media keeps increasing.

8. My child sneaks using screen media.

9. When my child has had a bad day, screen media seems to be the only thing that helps him/her feel better.

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