Sephora Store Has Color-Coded Baskets For Those Who Want to Be Left Alone

Ask any introvert, curmudgeon, or person in a hurry what they hate most about in-person shopping and they'll all come back with the same answer: You have to talk to someone. Sure, there are days you actually need a salesperson to find what you want, but sometimes you just want to put your hoodie up, buy your spot treatment, and scurry back home. One Sephora store in Europe is trying to figure out which of these moods you're feeling before a salesperson even approaches.

Sephora shopper and Twitter user Cami Williams snapped a photo of two basket options at an undisclosed Sephora location:The red baskets indicate "I would like to be assisted" and black baskets mean "I would like to shop on my own."The color-coded system saves everyone time; certainly, Sephora would rather its employees spend more time with the people who actually want help, instead of approaching customers who will wave them away. But more importantly for shoppers, it could help them avoid an anxiety-producingexperience with a store employee.

"There is a fellow introvert on the Sephora customer experience team who deserves a raise right now,"Williams wrote.

A Sephora representative confirms to Allure that the baskets are found in European Sephora stores. But people on Twitter have chimed in to say that Sephora isn't the first store to test out color-coded baskets. Korean skin-care brand Innisfree reportedly has the same system with red and green baskets.

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