#DelilahAdvice ... Weed Out The Negative

One of the things my brain does when I'm not paying attention is script conversations that will never take place. Sometimes it's things I'd love to say to my children, friends, or loved ones but haven't exactly been invited to share an opinion on.

Too often I find myself arguing with people who have wronged, hurt, or frustrated me. In these imaginary scenes, I make my point, declare my stance, and am vindicated to hear them say "I'm sorry." Sadly many of those I'm dialoging with are long gone; passed away or simply no longer a part of my daily life.

I consider this idle brain habit one of my worst.

It does nothing except get me riled up over things long past and now irrelevant. It steals my joy and destroys my peace of mind.In the beds surrounding my home, and in life, a lot of weeds spring up. Some I don't recognize as weeds at all. They might look like sweet wild flowers at first, and I'm tempted to leave them be. It's taken many years of gardening and life experiences for me to know the difference, and I'm still fooled at times.

After all, the bright yellow of a buttercup is a delight to behold! But left undisturbed, it quickly grows and spreads and chokes out the very things I've purposely planted and nurtured. Before I know it, the entire planting bed is filled with weeds and the flowers are suffering, unable to flourish.

It is the same with relationships, thought patterns, and habits. Those that might seem harmless at first... (your gut sends up a little red-flag but you ignore it,) little jealousies, annoyances, and the resentments allowed to creep in and grow...

These are the weeds in the gardens of our hearts and souls. Pull them up at the roots and put them in the compost heap, lest they choke-out your peace, purity, and joy, leaving anger and bitterness in its place.

Something to think about … join me live on the air, tonight, for more on this topic as we get ready to enjoy these Summer Months, together!

With Love,


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