5 Movies You Can Watch With Your Family On Christmas Day 2018

movies to watch christmas 2018

If you happen to be a part of one of those families that actually enjoy celebrating Christmas away from home — be your fam's favorite eatery or with some fancy vacation, in which case, we're jealous! — then we totally recommend you mark the occasion with some of the biggest blockbusters coming just in time for the holidays.

From the long-awaited arrival of DC's aquatic superhero in Aquaman to the magical Mary Poppins' delightful return, here are five family-friendly movies you can see on Christmas day.



Release Date: December 13

Rating: PG-13

This DC superhero flick shows the reluctant ruler of Atlantis and King of the Seven Seas finds himself embroiled in a surface realm that threatens the sea and the underwater Atlanteans who are planning an uprising.


Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

Release Date: December 14

Rating: PG

In this computer-animated superhero film based on everyone's favorite web-slinging superhero from the Marvel Comics follows a Brooklyn high school student named Miles Morales being mentored to become the next Spider-Man.


Mortal Engines

Release Date: December 14

Rating: PG-13

Based on author Philip Reeves' young adult novel series of the same name, centuries after a life-ending event drives a young woman named Hester Shaw, her ally Tom Natsworthy and an outlaw named Anna Fang to overthrow London — now described a "predator city on wheels" — from bringing an end to what's left of civilization.


Mary Poppins Returns

Release Date: December 19

Rating: PG

In this musical-fantasy film, our favorite childhood friend Mary Poppins returns to 1930s London to visit Michael and his sister Jane Banks, who are all grown up, to help them rediscover the joys they knew as children. Only this time, she's brought along a street lamplighter called Jack and her unusual cousin, Topsy.



Release Date: December 21

Rating: PG-13

Bumblebee occurs twenty years before the events of Transformers, in 1987, in which the titular character finds refuge in a junkyard. There, Bumble the Autobot becomes revived by a girl named Charlie Watson, whose own coming of age has her seeking her own place in the world. The two find themselves running away from the government agency Sector 7 and soon discover there are more Transformers on Earth that may mean them more harm than good.

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