11 Artists You Didn't Know Had Christmas Albums


As great as it might be, sometimes Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas album just isn't enough to get you in the Christmas spirit. Sometimes you need that random album you've never heard of to really bring the holiday cheer. And sometimes, just sometimes, you need to hear something other than "Jingle Bells Rock!" (Sorry, not sorry) 

With that being said, we at iHeartRadio have created just the list for those looking to add to their Christmas album repertoire. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to have your mind blown with this list of Christmas albums you've probably never heard of. 

Green DayThe Holiday Tribue To Green Day (2007)

This project is for those "sick of dreaming of a white Christmas." The album is a holiday version (meaning they added Christmas instrumentals) of Green Day's classic hits, including "Good Riddance," "Holiday," "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," and more. 


Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg Presents Christmas in tha Dogg House (2008)

I could go into detail about this, but the album title explains it all. 


John LegendA Legendary Christmas (2018)

Surprisingly, A Legendary Christmas is John Legend's first Christmas album. (It's surprising because when the man just has the most perfect voice for Christmas tunes) The project may not have crossed your radar for the simple fact that it was only released in October 2018. 


AfromanA Colt 45 Christmas (2006)

A Colt 45 Christmas is Afroman's second Christmas album. He released his first in 2004 titled Jobe Bells


WeezerChristmas with Weezer (2008)

Simply put, Christmas with Weezer features the band singing the classics and it's pretty freakin' fantastic. 


Bob DylanChristmas in the Heart (2009)

After releasing 33 studio albums, Bob Dylan's 34th project was Christmas in the Heart, an album that features hymns, carols, and your Christmas favorites. 


David HasselhoffThe Night Before Christmas (2004)

While the New York Post ranked the album as the number 1 worst celebrity Christmas album, saying it spread "Christmas fear instead of cheer," I'd say it's got... character. 


Billy Idol Happy Holidays (2006)

Happy Holidays is all your favorite Holiday hits sung by the one and only Billy Idol. Need I say more? 


Smash MouthThe Gift of Rock (2005)

While The Gift of Rock contains mostly covers it's a hit in my book.


Rosie O'DonnellA Rosie Christmas (1999)

What do you do when you're not a singer, but want to release a Christmas album? You call all your famous and very talented friends to hop on a Christmas album and simply slap your name on it. Rosie O'Donnell did just that. A Rosie Christmas features some of the biggest names in music including, Lauryn Hill, Billy Joel, Gloria Estefan, Cher, and Elton John, singing all the Christmas songs your heart could desire. 


RuPaulSlay Belles (2015)

Slay Belles is just one of four of RuPaul's Christmas albums. The drag queen extraordinaire released Ho Ho Ho in 1997, Christmas Queens in 2015, and Christmas Queens 2 in 2016. 


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