Questions about safety of the popular Faceapp continue to linger.

The comeback of a smartphone app that gives users a glimpse of their older selves has raised some privacy concerns. People took to social media and said that on iPhones, FaceApp would be able to see and upload all your photos, including content with personal information. Guardian Firewall CEO and security researcher Will Strafach says the app only grabs the photo you specifically choose to see your face change. However, FaceApp doesn't explicitly tell users that photos get sent to the cloud for processing in both iPhone and Android versions, exposing them to hacking and other privacy issues. FaceApp was developed in Russia by Wireless Lab.

The Democratic National Committee is warning its presidential candidates not to use FaceApp. The popular smartphone app has been trending lately as celebrities have been using it to post images of themselves appearing older. On Wednesday, the DNC's security chief sent an alert saying FaceApp was developed by Russians, and that they have "significant concerns" about it. In 2016, the DNC and Democratic campaigns were attacked by Russian hackers. 

Former MSU football coach Jackie Sherrill is ending his defamation suit against the NCAA. Yesterday, attorneys announced that both sides have agreed to settle the case, 15 years after it began. Sherril sued the NCAA in 2004, claiming it had defamed him in an attempt to drive him out of coaching. While he's barred from revealing details about the settlement, Sherrill did say he's relieved and happy with the deal. 

A former LSU student and fraternity member is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of negligent homicide. A jury returned the guilty verdict yesterday against Matthew Naquin in the death of Max Gruver at a Phi Delta Theta pledge event in 2017. Gruver died after ingesting enough alcohol to have what toxicologists said was six-times the legal driving limit. Naquin will be back in court for sentencing on October 16th.

New details are emerging in the plane crash that killed a teenage pilot at the Ole Miss Golf Course. A preliminary report released by the NTSB yesterday says 18-year-old Lake Little had aborted an attempted landing at University-Oxford Airport. Moments later, the small plane crashed onto the golf course. Investigators say it appears Little tried landing with a tailwind, which is when the wind blows from behind the airplane. Pilots typically try to avoid such landings, as tailwinds increase a plane's speed. Little's student pilot license was issued in 2017, and she had logged nearly 70-hours of flight time. 

President Trump isn't backing away from his attacks on four minority first-term Democrats. During a rally in North Carolina last night, Trump called the congresswomen radical left-wing ideologues who see the U.S. as a force of evil. Trump went on to fondly recalled his surprise 2016 election victory and said, "We have to do it again."

More U.S. forces are on their way to the U.S.-Mexico border. The Pentagon announced Wednesday it will deploy an additional 21-hundred troops in support of President Trump's immigration crackdown. There are currently about 45-hundred troops on the border.


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