A possible motive for the murder of a University of Mississippi student.

"The Daily Mail" is reporting that friends of 21-year old University of Mississippi student Ally Kostial believe that she was pregnant with the child of the man accused of killing her. Twenty-two-year old Brandon Theesfeld reportedly became upset with Kostial because she wouldn't agree to have an abortion. Several of her sorority sisters said Theesfeld was enraged when he found out about the pregnancy. The Lafayette County Sheriff's Department is investigating those claims.

A Walmart employee in Southaven who lost his job after bringing a knife to work faces murder charges accused of shooting two managers and a police officer at the store. The cop who was wearing a protective vest will be okay. Martez Abram remains hospitalized after being shot by another officer. Investigators say the incident involving the knife happened last week. They say Abram showed the knife to another employee but there's no indication that anyone was threatened. Yesterday, police say he shot one of the managers inside the store and the other in the parking lot before opening fire on the officer. He's also suspected of starting a small fire in the store.

Fake websites are popping up in the wake of the Equifax data breach settlement. The credit reporting company had a breach in 2017 that exposed the data of a 150 million people. Those affected can get 125-dollars. The Federal Trade Commission warned this week that scammers are setting up websites that are practically identical to the official one in an effort to steal more data. The authentic site can be accessed through ftc.gov/Equifax.

More than half of Mississippi's counties have reported drug overdose deaths this year. And Bureau of Narcotics director John Dowdy says the powerful opioid fentanyl is blamed for at least seven recent deaths in Hattiesburg and Jackson. He says two men found dead at a Hattiesburg truck stop last month had taken counterfeit oxycodone pills that contained pure fentanyl, and five people who've died in the Jackson area this month had used similar drugs or heroin containing fentanyl.

Along I-59 today, transportation workers will be busy practicing for a hurricane. MDOT is conducting a drill simulating the contraflow of traffic along the interstate from the Louisiana line to south of Hattiesburg.  All four lanes of I-59 would be used for northbound traffic in the event of a major storm to help facilitate an evacuation of the Mississippi coast and parts of Louisiana. During today's drill, normal traffic patterns will be maintained.

Things are heating up at the Neshoba County Fair today. And not just the temperature. With the primaries less than a week away now, the political speeches continue with candidates for several statewide offices including lieutenant governor on the schedule. Tomorrow, eleven candidates running for governor will speak at the fair. 

The Jackson City Council Tuesday approved some 200-thousand dollars in emergency funding for the zoo. Zoo officials told the council that revenues are down by 30 thousand visitors from 2018. They blamed the low attendance on reduced donor contributions, bad weather and no new animal exhibits as the reason. The City of Jackson has given the zoo a total of one-million-190 thousand dollars this year.

New Jersey residents will be legally allowed to commit suicide starting Thursday. On that day, the Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act goes into effect. Signed in April by Governor Phil Murphy, the legislation lets terminally ill adult residents get and use medication that will bring their lives to an end after it has been determined the patient has less than six months to live.


People are still talking about Kyle Giersdorf, the 16-year-old who won $3 million playing in the Fortnite World Cup.He’s a star because he’s a champion, but also because it’s hard for many people to wrap their head around the idea that a teenager won millions of dollars playing a video game.Most people think playing video games is fun -- but Kyle definitely sees it as hard work, especially considering he plays eight to 10 hours each and every day. (ESPN)

We’re eating way more than we used to … According to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average daily calories consumed per person has increased by approximately 600 calories since the 1970s. (Best Life

A Las Vegas pizzeria is looking to cash in on the valley's grasshopper invasion. Starting today, Evel Pie is selling a pizza topped with grasshoppers. In a Facebook post, the restaurant's owner says the so-called 'Canyon Hopper' is made with chorizo, goat cheese, caramelized onions, arugula, and lime-and-garlic-roasted grasshoppers. The company says the concoction is only for the bravest of daredevils, and is only available while supplies, or grasshoppers, last. 

Drinking red wine makes you happy … A new study found that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine (and grapes and blueberries and cranberries and more) can protect you from depression, stress and anxiety. That doesn’t mean you should have a bottle of night – but, in moderation, that glass of Cab is good for your mental health. Cheers! (MindBodyGreen)


Back in 1987, a company in Florida introduced “Alien Abduction Insurance” policies to their customers. And since then, business has been steady.For about a $20 premium payment, policyholders are entitled to a $10 million payment if they can prove they’ve been abducted by aliens.Well, as you can imagine, all the interest in aliens and gathering in the desert to storm the gates in recent weeks has been great for the company, which has added special Area 51 coverage to sweeten the pot.If this sounds like something you need in your life, be sure to read the fine print before sending in your hard earned cash …Yes. If you can prove you were abducted by aliens, you will receive $10 million. Unfortunately, the payout will only be $1 per year for the next 10 million years. (WOFL-TV)

Can’t afford love? According to Match.com’s new Singles in America survey, one-third of Millennials say it’s too expensive to date. Yep, 33% of respondents say their financial situation has held them back from finding love.


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