We've got a launch date for the MS lottery.

State lottery officials say the launch date for selling scratch-off tickets for the Mississippi Lottery is expected by December 1st. The Mississippi Lottery Corporation says its now seeking advertising and related services for that purpose. MLC president Tom Shaheen says the purpose of hiring an advertising agency will be to help bring the Mississippi Lottery to life in the eyes of the public.

It was a year ago today that sports betting became legal in Mississippi. Now, most of the casinos offer sports books. And the executive director of the Mississippi Gaming Commission, Allen Godfrey, says they're responsible for an increase of five to six percent in total gross gaming revenue this year. He says the sports betting has created additional foot traffic in the casinos. The ones in the Delta are getting competition from Tennessee and Arkansas now that those states have legalized sports betting. But the coast casinos will continue to attract customers from Louisiana and Alabama which don't have sports books.

A survey released last week ranks teen driving deaths in Mississippi among the highest in the nation. The study by the New York based ValuePenguin, said Mississippi averages three teen deaths per 10-thousand licensed drivers 19-years old or younger. Young male drivers accounted for the majority of those traffic fatalities. Not wearing seat belts and distracted driving were also major factors.

For the first time in years, there's an outbreak of hepatitis A in Mississippi. The State Health Department says almost two dozen cases have been reported since April. State Epidemiologist Doctor Paul Byers says recreational drug users, the homeless and prison inmates are among those in the high risk group - but there's a chance the liver disease could spread to others in the community. There's a vaccine that protects against hepatitis A.

Many of the drugs blamed for opioid overdoses in Mississippi come from places like Mexico and China. But some are being diverted from doctor's offices and drug stores across the state. In the latest crackdown, the Bureau of Narcotics has arrested Hernando pharmacist Jerry Vaughn and licensed nurse practitioner Shannon Mott from Collinsville. Vaughn is accused of embezzling 250 doses of an opioid medication - and investigators say Mott had gotten hold of a hydrocodone drug.

The Walmart where two people were gunned down on Tuesday is closed indefinitely. A sign outside the Southaven store says it will remain closed until further notice, and company officials have not given a timeline for reopening. Investigators say the suspect killed two coworkers and injured two others, including a police officer. He was reportedly upset after being disciplined for bringing a knife to work. 

There is now free tuition for members of the National Guard at another Mississippi university. Southern Miss has become the fourth school in the state to give Guard personnel a break on their higher education. Jackson State, Mississippi State and Mississippi University for Women are also offering the free undergraduate tuition.

Mississippi's agriculture commissioner is giving away a gun to the person who kills the most wild hogs. Andy Gipson says the animals cause 60-million dollars in property damage across the state each year. And he's launched an initiative called The Commissioner's Wild Hog Challenge urging Mississippians to upload photos of the hogs they kill or trap over the next two months. The winner gets the gun and everyone participating in the challenge is eligible for a wild hog trapping system that's also being given away.


Be careful where you put your purse … Do you ever put your purse on the table, or on your bed, or on the kitchen counter? You may need to re-think that. A study found the average purse contains more strains of bacteria than most toilets. In fact, the researchers found that 1 in 5 handbags have enough bacteria on them to pose a risk to the average healthy person. Think about where your purse goes during the average day … the office floor … the bathroom floor … the floor of a train or subway. Yikes. (Best Life)


Travel industry insiders say more and more guests are finding hidden cameras inside rental properties and hotel rooms.One survey found that 11 percent of travelers staying at an Airbnb property have actually found a hidden camera.And, as for the hotels, security experts say cameras planted in smoke detectors and other spots aren’t necessarily put there by hotel owners. Instead, creepy customers have been known to install them -- and then livestream whatever action is going on in the room. (KTNV-TV)

Are you addicted to swiping? Seems dating app addiction is a real thing, and according to a new study from Ohio State University there are two traits common in people who compulsively use dating apps: loneliness and social anxiety. “It’s not just that they’re using their phone a lot,” says lead author Kathryn Coduto. “We had participants who said they were missing school or work, or getting in trouble in classes or at work because they kept checking the dating apps on their phones.” She continues, “I’ve seen people who use dating apps compulsively. They take their phones out when they’re at dinner with friends or when they’re in groups. They really can’t stop swiping.” (OSU)

Speaking of dating … It seems romance is not dead after all. Match.com’s new Singles in America survey found that when it comes to love, people still have some old-fashioned beliefs, like ..

  • Love at first sight can happen – 57%
  • Love takes time – 73%
  • Love can last forever – 64%

Cisco Systems is settling with various government agencies after selling them flawed video surveillance. The company will pay eight point six million dollars in civil damages to settle claims that it knew the product had a security flaw when it sold the software to Homeland Security, the Secret Service, the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Airforce and FEMA. In many cases, the products offered much less security protection than other systems. 

Millions of Holocaust and Nazi persecution records will be made searchable online, thanks to Ancestry.com. The genealogy company is partnering with the Arsolsen Archives-International Center on Nazi Persecution. That organization has the world's most comprehensive UNESCO-protected archive on people who were victimized by the Nazis, which will be offered to everyone not just paid members of the Ancestry site. 

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