Details on the fate of the children of those involved in ICE raids...

Authorities say children whose mothers and fathers were caught up in those immigration raids in Mississippi were quickly reunited with at least one of their parents. But there was a good deal of confusion when the raids got underway. Tony McGee, superintendent for Scott County School District, says school officials tried to help out students though they had no prior knowledge of the raids. U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst says even as those arrested were being processed Wednesday at an Air National Guard base in Flowood, cell phones were made available so they could contact friends and family to take care of their kids. Hurst says about 270 people, mostly parents, were released and taken back to their communities by Wednesday night joining about 30 others who avoided detention on humanitarian grounds. About 360 people arrested during the raids at poultry plants in six cities are now at an immigration facility in Louisiana.

Another poultry plant in Mississippi is in trouble but it has nothing to do with immigration. OSHA says the Wayne Farms plant in Laurel exposed employees to hazardous chemicals. And the agency says the company faces more than 119-thousand dollars in fines. The incident in January involved an ammonia release that sent a dozen workers to a hospital. OSHA says the plant didn't have a functioning alarm to warn workers about a chemical accident.

A 16-year-old student was taken into custody Thursday after he reportedly made threats on social media against the West Harrison County High School. The incident was brought to the attention of the Harrison County Sheriff's Department by a school resource officer. It said the student had posted a photo of guns along with a threat to the school. Officers responded by going to the teen's residence and taking him into custody. Guns and other materials were taken from the home to be used as evidence.

A police-involved shooting in Moss Point last night. An armed suspect was killed in a confrontation with police. No officers were hurt. The case is being turned over to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

After operating along the Gulf Coast for 18 years, Tulane University closed its doors at the Biloxi campus for good on Thursday. University officials say declining student enrollment was the primary reason for the closing. Tulane officials stopped enrolling new students in the fall of 2018. Students took their last final exams Thursday as part of Tulane's School of Professional Advancement.

The Walmart store in Southaven where a fatal shooting occurred two weeks ago reopened Thursday. The store had been closed since July 30th, when a man entered the facility and shot two employees, killing both of them. One police officer was also shot and wounded outside the store. Investigators say 39-year old Martez Abram was a disgruntled former employee. He is now charged with murder in the deaths of 40-year old Anthony Brown and 38-year old Brandon Gale.

A small earthquake in Madison County early this morning. The USGS is reporting a 2.8 magnitude quake about three miles deep near Gluckstadt around 2:30 today. No damage has been reported. There've been a handful of small quakes in Madison County since 2015.

Harrison County officials have launched an on-line auction of tax-forfeited properties. The auction will be conducted through September 4th. Bids are being taken through the Secretary of State's On-Line Auction Portal. The tax-forfeited properties are valued at over two-million dollars. Payment of the bid amount must be submitted within five to seven days of notification.

Medline Industries has announced it will be re-locating its distribution center from Illinois to Mississippi. The company says it plans to invest 46-million dollars to establish the center in Southaven. It also plans to hire 450 workers, although some of those positions will go to existing employees at its Memphis location. Medline Industries is a private healthcare company with over 20 locations worldwide.

A jockey who was injured during a horse race on the last day of the Neshoba County Fair has died. Joe Jernigan suffered broken bones and internal injuries when his horse fell last Friday. He was from Houston, Mississippi.

The creator of the viral Storm Area 51 event says he's been contacted by the FBI. Matty Roberts told a Bakersfield, California TV station federal agents showed up at his home recently to meet with him. He admits he was scared at first, but says the agents were actually "super cool" and just wanted to make sure he wasn't a terrorist making pipe bombs in his living room. More than one-point-four-million people have expressed interest on the event's Facebook page. Roberts has repeatedly said the idea is just a joke, and he doesn't want anyone to get hurt. 


No one likes doing chores. In fact, a new survey by Yelp/One Poll, found that 67% of respondents said they and/or their partner purposely did a lousy job on a chore so they would never have to do it again. Men were more likely than women to make an effort to get out of their share of the chores (28% vs. 21%).

80% of respondents in a relationship said doing chores had caused arguments in the relationship. The most common disagreements were: When to do housework (53%), how to do it (50%), who should do it (48%), whether or not to hire someone (39%) and how good a job the person they hired had done (32%). 61% admitted that they had re-cleaned the home again after their partner had done it ... because they thought they had done a lousy job.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to hire someone to do the cleaning …33% of respondents said they had hired someone to do the housework. Of those, 62% said hiring someone had helped their relationship. 47% of couples said outsourcing chores gave them more time in the day, 46% said it allowed them to do more fun things, and 42% said it relieved some of their stress.

So what are the most-hated chores?

  1. Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen
  2. Doing laundry
  3. Cleaning the bathroom
  4. Sweeping/vacuuming
  5. Cooking meals and shopping for groceries (SWNS)


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