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TSA Stops Man with Carry-on Full of SPAM

Joel Libed went viral after TSA agents at Minneapolis-St. Paul International stopped him for trying to carry 10 cans of SPAM onto a flight in his carry-on.

SPAM is one of Joel's favorite foods - he's from Hawaii - and the SPAM Museum is in Minnesota.

He told the agent the cans came "straight from the factory" and there were several flavors, like teriyaki. The agent performed a quick test and let him through.

The video went viral and was even SHARED by TSA on Instagram.

The SPAM company heard about it and is sending him more SPAM.

You can see all his SPAM videos on TikTok

For the record, TSA recommends that you pack canned goods in your checked bags. "There are some items that are not on the prohibited items list, but because of how they appear on the X-ray, security concerns, or impact of the 3-1-1 rules for liquids, gels and aerosols, they could require additional screening that might result in the item not being allowed through the checkpoint. We suggest that you pack this item in your checked bag, ship it to your destination or leave it at home."

Cans of Spam meat made by the Hormel Foo

Photo: JEWEL SAMAD / AFP / Getty Images

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