Now THAT'S A Dog!

I am most definitely a "dog person", and not just because I'm allergic to cats. I love almost everything about them. There's nothing quite like coming home to a wagging tail. As far as I'm concerned, they're family!

When I think "dog", usually our three chihuahuas come to mind:  Lily, Yaco, and Monkey.

Scot's Chihuahuas

Lily (top left) is our 4 year old longhaired girl, Yaco (top right) is 9, and Monkey (bottom left) is 14 (we adopted him at age 12). The total weight of all three: less than 30 lbs.

But Great Danes are BIG fun, and 153 lb. two year old Kernel is no exception. Watch how affectionate this huge guy is... and if you don't show him enough attention, he'll definitely let you know about it.


He's a bit of a celebrity... you can follow him on Instagram here. He has 71.6K followers!

Scot Chestnut


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