National Black Cat Day

I’ll admit I was never a “cat person”, mainly because I was always very allergic to them. For some reason, maybe because of a stem cell transplant I had three years ago, I no longer have that allergy.

One of my wife’s coworkers found two girl kittens abandoned behind their house. She sent these pictures and asked if we could "foster” them, until we could find them a good home. How could I possibly say "no" to these faces?

Once they were named, I knew they weren’t going anywhere. Callie is the tabby and she’s always been drawn to me. She follows me everywhere and always wants to sit on my shoulders or lap.

Me & Callie

Then there’s Willow... sleek, svelte, independent, and black. Her “meow” is much louder than Callie’s. And she loves Monkey, our 15 year old chihuahua/pug.

I never knew what life with cats would be like... and now, I can’t imagine NOT having them with us. They’re family now.

Scot Chestnut


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